Included with the SOLO: 1 stainless steel plate, 1 magnetized rubber mold (color of your choice) and one

Measurements: 1.25” diameter

**Temporarily out of stock for colors orange and gray


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The single-sided SOLO offers tremendous versatility for the fly-fishing minimalist who wants to step into the water with as little gear as possible. Given the light-weight nature of the SOLO, it can easily be
clasped onto the brim of a hat, attached to an existing landyard, or fishing pack. The steel plate can be
placed inside a pack or fishing shirt, and the magnetized rubber mold will attach directly to the plate and
stay in place.

In addition, multiple SOLO’s can be placed on most fishing packs making for multiple “hot spots” for flies.

PSST…purchase 3 and achieve free freight, along with major price discounts on Solo #2 and #3!


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Dimensions 1.5 in


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